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Flash Development

Not only can we deliver all of your printing vocation needs we can deliver superior online vocation needs too. Today's smart business uses all the marketing tools available to stand out from the competition.

Flash Animation

Flash animation or flash cartoon is an animated film created in Adobe Flash animation software. It is commonly distributed in a .swf file format. You can create it in any program that can write .swf files.

You can even create interactive Flash animation. Flash animation isn't just a type of file it's a file with a particular kind of movement and it's extremely popular online.

E-mail Templates

Why should you use e-mail templates? Because they can increase your efficiency and save a bundle of time. Plus it ensures that specific questions or inquiries consistently get the same answer.

In our modern world almost all businesses and organizations depend on e-mail to some degree. For many businesses e-mail has become the main method of communication. E-mail offers plenty of flexibility and an opportunity to answer inquiries faster improving your customer service, business relations, employee relations, and project implementations.

When used properly e-mail can be a very valuable business tool and the first step is to have templates. Without the right selection of templates your e-mail management and response process can be tedious and error plagued.

Logo-Bee can create e-mail templates specifically for your business, and we can create as many or as few as you need. While Microsoft Outlook is the most popular e-mail program we can create templates for whichever email program you choose to use.

Email templates will save your company time, increase your employees' efficiency, and can be used with ease by anyone.

Your e-mail templates can:

  • Provide an extremely efficient method of answering email
  • Help you quickly and easily stay connected with your customers
  • Strengthen communication internally and externally
  • Enhance your online customer service
  • Present a professional image
  • Provide consistent messaging
  • Help your company maintain a high level of quality service


Print newsletters have been very popular for a long time, but today the modern version is the online newsletter. That's because it has plenty to offer:

  • The online newsletter is easy to distribute
  • Easy and cost effective to build a subscription list with opt in
  • Can be used by organizations such as schools, churches, or clubs
  • Can be used by business
  • Is readily accepted
  • Is a popular format that many prefer fro newsletters
  • You can even create money making opportunities within your newsletter
  • You can quickly and effectively share important news B2B and with customers or prospects

E-newsletters have become increasingly popular as we turn more and more to the internet for our shopping and research needs. Newsletters that you deliver electronically through e-mail have actually become more popular than printed newsletters.

E-newsletters should be part of your marketing strategy. It's one of the most beneficial yet most cost effective tools. Share important news, special promotions, tips and tricks, general information, or just about anything else that you want to include.

You can focus your e-newsletter towards the target audience and you can create several different e-newsletters each with a specific market. That means your business associates can receive one newsletter, while your customers another.

A newsletter is an excellent way to stay in touch with customers, potential customers, business associates, and even employees.

Our professional e-newsletter designers will also provide suggestions to keep your e-newsletter fresh while accommodating the desired specifications for your e-newsletter. You have plenty of print options and the expertise of our skilled team of professionals will put together an e-newsletter that sets you above the competition.