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Good Domain Names

No matter what domain name you buy it's not likely to be worth millions dollar straight away, but with some careful though and preparation you can maximize your domain names potential.

Using hyphens Approximately every word in the dictionary has been registered already so its more than likely that you will have to register a combination of words. Should you buy a domain name with a hypen in it? Generally speaking the answer is no. There are several reasons why not. Describing a domain name with hyphens can be awkward. Customers have a habit of forgetting the hyphen and typing in the wrong URL. It's a misapprehension that hyphens improve search engine rankings, the leading search engines now concentrate on content and pay only limited attention to the URL itself.

Consider a ccTLD There is no confirmation that Country Code Top level domains (ccTLD's) are treated differently by Search Engines, though there can be advantage and disadvantages if your business is regional Submitting your domain to search engines Once you have configured your domain to point to your Website, you will need to ensure that search engines are aware of it. If they are not, your website will receive very few visitors - even if you have managed to find a brilliant, snappy domain name.

This can be achieved by either directly submitting your URL to the search engines through using a submission service. Please be careful when using automated submission tools as the Search engine are penalizing sites submitted in this way. Ours is manual for this very reason.

Or by linking your website to others, this is the preferred way for search engine to "discover new websites".