Google Caffeine Is Here Now

Google some time ago released “Google Caffeine” wrote a post about. I could take the limited information available there is not going to be much of a change of algorithm and structured it more speed, “the changes under the hood” to see a lot.
This last was the announcement late last year, and then there is nothing concrete to search Google, although engine results have been about changes murmurs.

Themselves, well today Google has announced the completion of caffeine. Caffeine Google search results offer fresher, will find ago Returned a few results on Google might be out of date, and found the speed at which Google indexes new content is due. Caffeine to discover and index very quickly, quicker and more recently in the search results is designed to distribute content.

What we rely on the Google search engine traffic, does this mean for everyone with no real major surprises? Your content fresh, keep up to date and make sure your web pages
are quick to load.


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